About Pillow


Relationship Types: Straight, Gay and Lesbian

Cost / Membership Types: Pillow is free for a month and after that subscription is £5.99pm or £29.99 for the year.


Pillow Play is a playful intimacy app for open minded couples to feel closer.

Pillow extends foreplay, improves intimate communication, and inspires creativity.

You and your partner pick an episode, press play, and follow-along to audio-guided adventures together in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom.


Every sensual episode is between 5-20 minutes in length and focused on intimacy nurturing experiences of the mind and body. They are crafted by Pillow’s sex therapist in residence, Kate Moyle and new episodes are added fortnightly.

The episodes vary in their exploration – with touch, pace, appreciation, anticipation, eye gazing, consent, sensory deprivation, temperature play and much more.