About HerSmile


Who is the Founder?
Cosmo Currey is an online dating expert. With his knowledge of the industry and the barriers people face when meeting online, he founded HerSmile.

What’s different about HerSmile?
Traditionally online dating is no better than a cattle market. Profiles are often misleading and intentions can be deceptive. It took two years to develop our award nominated software that successfully removes these barriers.

How do you ensure authentic profiles?
We’ve removed the stress of selling yourself ensuring each profile is refreshingly honest. Inspiring to write, authentic to read in a few fun yet thought provoking questions we create your profile for you.

How do you ensure genuine intention?
On HerSmile women pay a monthly subscription £12 letting them initiate contact with a man at any time, receive messages from men and review the possibility of contact. Men, who have no subscription, simply buy introductions/credits £4 with a minimum purchase 3.

He confirms his interest in a woman is genuine by using one credit to send his first, introductory message. Her ‘Smile’ lets him know the interest is mutual and he can contact her further. If she doesn’t reply, we’ll return the credit to him for him to use again in future introductions.

Why this process?
This way she’s never bombarded with unwanted messages and because he invests in an introduction she’s assured of his commitment specifically to her. From a safe and non-pressured position she can decide where it goes, and since men only hear from women who reciprocate their interest he wastes no time and money.

By protecting women online and ensuring men aren’t misled we can considerably reduce the time taken for both sexes to meet a genuinely suitable partner.


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