‘Three quick tips for singletons looking for a date’

1). Stop focusing on the fact that you’re single and start dating yourself. Work on becoming the “you” that you would want to date. Get yourself to the gym and start focusing on what makes you happy and eventually your confidence and independence might just spark someone’s interest.

2). Take a risk… When meeting friends out at night, show up at the bar 20 minutes early. Put your phone away, order a drink and smile at everyone that catches your eye. Even if it’s not the love of your life, he or she might be waiting for the one that will be.

3). While running your daily errands, at a cafe or on your morning commute (whether it be on a train platform, parking your car or even waiting to cross the street), force yourself to smile at the intriguing stranger next you and simply utter the word, “hi.” You really have absolutely nothing to lose except an opportunity.